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Small (25%)ClergyNo

Rev. James Morley

Sacramental Assistance

Rev. Matthew Palkowski

Permanent  Deacon

Rev. Mr. Stephen Black

Small (25%)Mass ScheduleNo

Divine Mercy Prayer Service - Sunday April 11th:

2:30 PM Heilwood - Confessions will be held prior to the service starting at 2:00 PM

Saturday Mass:

 4:00 PM  Heilwood

 6:00 PM  Glen Campbell

6:00 PM Clymer (Social Hall)

Sunday Masses:

8:30 AM      Rossiter

9:00 AM     Heilwood

10:30 AM    Ernest

11:00 AM   Clymer 


Monday 9AM - Glen Campbell

Tuesday 9AM - Ernest

Wednesday 9AM - Heilwood

Thursday 9AM - Clymer

Friday 9AM - Rossiter

Small (25%)Online BankingNo

​Click on the link below to take you to the online banking page:

Small (25%)Upcoming EventsYes
Small (25%)2021 Diocesan Lenten AppealNo

Be the Light - Message from Bishop Larry Kulick

Be the Light - Message from MSGR. Raymond E. Riffle

            DONATE NOW

‘Be the Light’ with 2021 Diocesan Lenten Appeal

The 2021 Diocesan Lenten Appeal is offering parishioners throughout the Diocese of Greensburg a chance to “Be the Light” for their faith community. The Lenten season is a reminder that Christ is the light in our lives and this is an opportunity to “Be the Light” for those in need. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in some way and this includes the faithful of the diocese. There is a way to help by supporting the 2021 Diocesan Lenten Appeal. Even a small gift can make a big difference in your parish. Donate to the “Be the Light” campaign to support God’s work that is being done in the Diocese of Greensburg

Small (25%)Virtual Mass and prayersNo

Where to find diocese and parish information: 

  Diocese of Greensburg


  Diocese of Greensburg- Facebook Page

     On facebook- search for dioceseofgreensburg and like that page


  YouTube- Go to You Tube and search for Diocese of Greensburg

If you do not have access to a computer:

    On TV:   EWTN- (Eternal Word Television Network)

                                  Daily Mass, Prayers, Devotions 

Start Time
RCIA11/4/2020 7:00 PMClymer
1st Communion Workshop4/19/2021 6:00 PMClymer Social Hall
Confirmation Workshop4/26/2021 6:00 PMClymer Social Hall